Saturday, 16 January 2016

Christmas 1990

I have already referred to my mother's Christmas book. Here is an extract relating to Christmas 1990 and its aftermath. I have decided not to edit it:

"1990 Menus:

Day before Xmas Eve.
Lunch - clam chowder. Simon and Aunt C.
Dinner at Paul and Kathy.

Xmas Eve.
Lunch - cold pork - soup. Donald, Rosemary, Aunt C, Nanny, Ali, Julien, William (John in bed with flu).
Dinner - Kedgeree.

Xmas Day.
Turkey lunch - smoked salmon starter. Donald, Rosemary, Aunt C.
Dinner - soup & sarnies (beef, smoked salmon).

Boxing Day.
Lunch - cold buffet. Cold damp beef, ham, pickled pork, raised venison pie, potato salad, cold veg, leftover salad, rice salad, green salad, tomato and cucumber salad, olives, mince pie, chocolate rum trifle, Alison's mincemeat and apple tart. (Donald, Rosemary, Aunt C, John, Ali, Julien, William, Alan and Alison Miller, James, Suzanne, Christopher, Edward, Robert.)
Dinner - soup & sarnies/leftovers.

Lunch - shepherd's pie.
Dinner - soup, smoked salmon & cream cheese rolls, lamb, pineapple. Celebration because John had missed Christmas. Crackers/Champagne. (Donald, Rosemary, Aunt C).


Saturday - Westendorf.

Lots of leftovers - meat & cheese.
Pickled pork joint - 2 lb.
Lots of Veuve du Vernay.

Good skiing holiday in Westendorf except Nanny Simpkin who bust her anterior cruciate ligaments (R) knee. Tree put up before Xmas Eve - good move. Check supplies of olive oil for J's mayonnaise. The Xmas cake was taken skiing but left on the plane by Will & grabbed by some greedy thieves! It was white iced & encrusted in Harrods gold & silver dragees. Ali called in to work for emergencies 27th and 28th. John had 'flu on Xmas Day."

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