Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Lucie's leftovers

My first "guest" recipe! Unlike a plate of buttered noodles or a fried onion, the word "leftovers" can cover a delectable feast or acres of disgustingness. Much more to say on the subject but I think my general principle would be: avoid the temptation of making use of everything at your disposal. And don't hesitate to combine the leftover bits with something fresh and new. As Nigel Slater once said, if you have cold boiled potatoes in your fridge, then you have treasure. I would add: very easy to corrupt that treasure.

Lucie's recipe was spontaneous and, I am assuming, followed a roast lunch. I haven't yet tried it but it seems to me (without getting over-analytical) that it fulfils the basic criteria above, the joy of "one pot cooking" AND the principle that the golden bits at the bottom of the pan are worth a lot of effort. They are the buried treasure!

1. Sauté a sliced leek in butter in a frying pan until it starts to brown.

2. Add thin slices of roast potatoes and leftover vegetables. Root vegetables such as parsnips or carrots are particularly likely to work here as they will caramelise. Peas will also work but I emphasise: be careful in your choices. Re-cooked vegetables can so easily go wrong. Cook as slowly as you can.

3. Add a handful of pine nuts.

4. This is where Lucie and I have a difference of view. She says add some cubes of sheep's or goat's milk feta. I say add some mozzarella. My prejudice against feta... Reasonable people can disagree.

5. Cook until the cheese starts to melt. The golden brown crispy bits (not burned) at the bottom of the pan are delicious.

Cousin Pen (see earlier entries) would probably enjoy this but might well have eaten the roast potatoes cold before Lucie could get her hands on them.

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