Tuesday, 8 May 2018

C’est à Balaruc

The first meal on holiday is always memorable, no matter how ordinary. Lucy and I stopped on the way from the airport in our hire car at the hypermarket at Balaruc for a big shop. The dangers of doing such a shop on an empty stomach are well-known. So we had a quick lunch, sitting outside, in the simple adjoining restaurant.

Being France, it had to be three courses. I had Museau Vinaigrette to start, slightly unsure what it was, but having a feeling - these were pre-smartphone days - that it was a meaty terrine of some sort. So it proved: boned pig cheek to be precise, as I discovered much later.

I cannot recall what was to follow - steak frites followed by Glace? - but it set us up well for the delights of wandering round the hypermarket. Though it didn’t stop us from buying far too much.

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